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Articles from Quondam and extras

quondam [ˈkwɒndæm]


(prenominal) of an earlier time; former

[from Latin adv: formerly]

Early memories written by Nancy Gasson of her family life and childhood in the Toora district.

From Quondam  Oct. 2012 edition.

The history of the Toora Masonic Lodge No. 417 was faithfully recorded by Lyle Ruddell (Dec.)  

and is available from the Family History Research Rooms. There are a few photos of the former years and the men who made the Lodge.

From the days of the Creamery at Muddy Creek, to the manufacture of Tooralac Milk Powder. Photographs & other memories from Toora’s industrial era of the B.U.D.  You’ll even recognise some faces & places.