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We would like to introduce our committee to take us into the next 12 months.

President- Anna Hopkins

Vice President- Alex Berry

Secretary- Tara Hollier

Treasurer- Sarah Reeves

Grants Officer- Claire Manuell

General Committee- Megan Emery, Kerry Duroux, Carol Owen, Jenni Delaney,  Dave Berry, Louisa Vale

Pictured: R to L: Councillor Ray Argento, Tara Hollier, Anna Hopkins,                             Alex Berry and Claire Manuel

President: Anna Hopkins

Vice Pres: Alex Berry

Secretary: Tara Hollier

Treasurer: Sarah Reeves


Events; Jenni Delaney


Communications & Admin:

Megan Emery


Grants Applications:

Claire Manuell


Membership Officer:

Dave Berry

Megan Emery, Kerry Duroux, Dave Berry, Jenny Delaney, Carol Owen, Louisa Vale.


2018/19  General Committee  Members

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